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  • Liz Harvey

    Nov 09, 2012


    I think that outsourcing the majority of council services is an abdication of responsibility by councillors. Outsourcing has its place - but so does retention of core services. Think very carefully before doing this. The economic and social future of our country will be significantly different from the way things are now and loss of the ability to deliver public services for the public good is a public bad.

  • Colin Attree

    Nov 10, 2012


    Stop this nonsense called One Barnet!

  • Antony Rolt

    Nov 15, 2012


    Dear Councillor, The OneBarnet outsourcing programme is not something which the people of Barnet voted for or mandated you to push through. It is an untested experiment, based on a poorly thought out business plan, with a number of major potential pitfalls which are likely to see Barnet residents even poorer off than before. You cannot outsource the core functions of the Council, particularly not for ideological reasons. You must step back from the brink before it's too late. Yours Antony Francis Rolt

  • Philippa Matthews

    Nov 18, 2012


    This is really worrying, and a big risk to take with our money and services. Please don't do it.

  • niki

    Jan 16, 2014


    I agree privatisation especially with the likes of Capita is going to be a disaster. However, the provinical and vexatious manner in which Barnet Council has always operated is also intolerable. Whilst inadequate regulation and a corrupt legal system exist the fact is that whoever is at the helm is liable to abuse the substantial power legislators have given to local authorities. Individuals and interested groups need more viable ways to challenge the systematic dissolution of our rights.

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