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Judicial Review Judgment: BAPS’ View
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 There have been a lot of questions about this Judgment and the amount of spin Barnet Council has put on the decision. This judgment has wide-ranging implications for the future of local government and the NHS in that more and more councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups will be under increased pressure to try to outsource their problems away. The stark reality is that if this decision is not challenged, it will leave the door open for mass outsourcing

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One Barnet Judicial Review: Legal Aid granted for Appeal
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The judgement in the One Barnet Judicial Review hearing brought against Barnet Council has gone against Maria Nash as Lord Justice Underhill ruled the challenge should have been made earlier. But he did find that Barnet Council had failed to consult residents. Legal Aid was granted yesterday (31 April) to Maria Nash to allow her to appeal against Judge Underhill's decsion to refuse her request for Judicial Review of the One Barnet Programme of privatisation.

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