Judicial Review

Court of Appeal Rejected Maria Nash’s Application for Judicial Review

The three judges refused the application on the grounds that it was ‘out of time’. They, like Judge Underhill in the first hearing at the High Court, did not justify the council for failing to consult its residents on such a major change as outsourcing most of its services, ruling against Maria Nash only because she applied for a Judicial Review of One Barnet too late. Read the judgement here. Watch this space for further updates Maria is determined

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Judical Review - Court of Appeal

  Barnet Alliance for Public Services PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 16 July 2013 After one and a half days in the court of appeal Master of the Rolls Lord Dyson, Lord Justice Davies and Lady Justice Gloster retired to consider their judgment in the case of Nash v Barnet. After urging by Barnet counsel, the Master of the Rolls said they will try to deliver their judgment by the end of September, but did not guarantee it. Mr Nigel Giffin

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Parent-carer’s Challenge to Your Choice Barnet Restructure

14 June 2013: An urgent message from John Sullivan: “I have instructed Irwin Mitchell solicitors on behalf of my daughter to challenge Your Choice Barnet’s consultation process and decision (if the decision today was to implement the proposals). Irwin Mitchell have sent a letter before action to Your Choice Barnet and await a response on Monday 17 June. If the challenge is successful it may result in staff members being able to stay in their

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UPDATE: Stop Barnet from unlawfully signing the Capita contract!

  10-June-2013 23:00 UPDATE: BAPS STATEMENT It has come to our attention that an email has gone out to all staff about the JR Appeal. (See email below ) Having read the email we have the following comments.   It is not true that permission to appeal was refused, the claim did not seek permission from Underhill J. The email manages to make it sound as though the Council wanted early hearing when it was entirely down to the Council that it

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From Within - Capita’s tips and tricks from a former employee

The below is a letter from a former Capita employee. The name was changed to protect his/her  identity. Dear Maria Nash, I see you are campaigning about transfer of certain services to the private sector. One part of this has already gone through (although you are panning to appeal?) and I see you are about to get another department of the council possibly being transferred to your council's preferred bidder - Capita Symonds. As an ex-employee

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One Barnet Judicial Review: Join us for the appeal hearing

JOIN US FOR THE APPEAL HEARING ON MONDAY & TUESDAY 15-16 JULY, 9:30 for 10 am start, at the High Court, The Strand. We will be there in the court to support Maria Nash who fights the legal battle for us all.   Previous episode On 7 May, the lawyers acting on behalf of Maria Nash lodged an appeal against the refusal to allow a Judicial Review of the One Barnet programme. The refusal had been on the technical grounds that the request for a

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